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My husband is a Dentist in Bernville, PA. On June 23rd of last year we arrived at our place of business to find out that it had been destroyed by a flood.

The flood was a result of a leaky toilet that the landlord had been advised of during the week end but chose to ignore it. We know this by his owned admission. This had been the 4th flood caused by the negligence of the Landlord yet we had never placed a claim with our insurance coverage of 28 years. The other three floods my husband had taken care of the clean- up.

However, this flood was devastating since it came from above and our ceiling collapsed. The clean-up company hired by the landlord came in and cut out about 6 inches off the bottom of the walls and put fans in. My husband tried to advise the landlord that the entire walls needed to be replaced to no avail. In an effort to force the landlord to make the proper repairs to the dental office space we sent him a letter of our intention not to return to the premises.

We had been tenants of his for 28 years he would not do the bare minimum such as, a certifications to ensure no problem with mold. The Landlord was insistent that the premises were ready for us. As a result of this situation, Liberty Mutual who was the insurer for our loss of income insurance decided to stop paying loss of income benefits. I had many conversations with Paul Barnett the adjuster about this matter.

Mr. Barnett continued to affirm that the Landlord stated that the premises were ready and no more benefit would be paid. I sent him information from the EPA and only code that protects commercial tenants on implied warranty of fitness for particular purpose. We begged the Liberty Mutual adjuster to send set up an inspection since we did not feel that the premises were sanitary for the practice of dentistry.

His response was to re-state that the landlord said the premises were ready. Two pieces of equipment were damaged by the flood which they refused to pay for the repairs on. It is now 2017 and repairing this equipment is not wise since they have been sitting in disrepair this long. We have replacement option on our policy.

The cost of replacing these two pieces is almost $200,000.00. Still no benefits have been released. We have had to start litigation. Of course, we are encountering delays and continuances.

The denial of loss of income benefits, has put us in a very difficult financial situation that we cant seem to come out of no matter how hard we work. I wake up every day filled with anxiety and with shaky hands. I dont even recognize myself anymore. My husband is more quiet and feels embarrassed about our financial situation.

We feel that Liberty Mutual has been malicious in the withholding of benefits and would like to let as many people as possible know about our situation. Every time we see their commercials it kills us.

Review about: Liberty Mutual Insurance Flood Damage Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Pay us what you owe us.

I didn't like: Worst insurance company i have ever dealt with.

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