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I have just been cut off from Long-term disability with NO notice after only 4 months, when my dr says I am unable to maintain a work schedule due to major depression and fibromyalgia.They hired 3rd-party "experts" who unilaterally "reviewed" my case (without any input from my drs or me), nor were there any additional exams, to decide I was magically able to work.

After a few minutes of trying to be calm and reasonable I went hysterical and all they did was tell me sorry they didn't bother to notify me and would get out the letter and then I can appeal the decision. In the meantime, this will cost me my hugely expensive COBRA insurance, which is still better for the price than anything available now thanks to Obamacare. I jumped through all their hoops and this is what they call responsibility -- clearly NOT their policy!

It will take a couple months to hear back from Social Security Disability but Liberty is still liable for the difference between what they were paying me and what SSD sends me.I think that's what's behind this sudden baseless decision to close my disability file, but I told them they will be hearing from my lawyer before they even get their letter out.

Monetary Loss: $1393.

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We are going through something similar.My wife is disabled due to a brain aneurysm.

We spent $10,000 on an lawyer fighting with them to pay the claim. They say they never get documentation from the doctors on her condition, but we have that proof that they received the faxes.

They try to wear you down by denying your claim and constantly contesting it, hoping you will give up.This has got to be the most unethical company on the face of the earth.

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I've been through exactly the same thing, 3 times now with them.I used a lawyer the first time only as they geta chunk of back pay and maybe a retainer.

Get a full copy of your file from Liberty and review the invoices for those third party doctors.

They may be working for a Liberty owned company.You can appeal based on conflict of interest while still submitting your doctor's notes.

to Steve #774266

The lawyer I consulted said we could only get a copy of LM's files if we filed suit.Do I write a letter to LM asking for their files and invoices for the third party doctors?

They refused to even identify them on the phone, but I did have to sign a release for one of them, so I know who one of them is.Thank you so much for this advice.

to Steve #848384

I wrote to Liberty Mutual asking for records and they totally ignored the request.I know they got the letter because I got a return receipt for it.

I followed up with an appeal letter containing new declarations of illness and disability from my own doctors and my Social Security Disability approval letter. That too was delivered and ignored. A couple months later, the attorney I consulted called and asked if I wanted him to file an appeal letter, which he did. That was almost a month ago and still nothing back from LM.

They are indeed unethical and openly deceptive.I cannot stress enough the importance of never doing business with these liars and thieves.

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