Carrollton, Kentucky

Avoid Liberty Mutual unless you plan on never having a claim. After 8 years with them - both house and car - with no claims, we had a water main burst issue with around $2,000 of damage done to our home.

After we made the claim with them, and had the repairs made, liberty mutual increased our rates by nearly 50% (!) and said we were no longer a 'safe house'. That 'safe house' definition must mean a house that never makes a claim.

My calls and letters got no response, so we dropped them and went with another company. What a horrible way to treat a customer of 8 years!

Review about: Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim.

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Other person at fault raised my rates a considerable amount.


liberty mutual do not use....I wish I would have checked this out before I went w/this rip off co. In the last 45yrs of being a homeowner...claim free all those yrs...a claim I thought I was covered for...I was not...AND FOUND OUT....THEY HAVE TRASHED MY NAME THEY CLAIM I PUT 3 CLAIMS IN....ONE A QUESTION....TWO AN ADJUSTER THAT I CANCELLED .....AND THIS ONE THE ONLY CLAIM REFUSED..SO IN LESS THAN 5YRS MY NAME IS TRASH...AND NEVER EVER COLLECTED A CENT OR TRIED TO OTHER THAN THE LAST ONE

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