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To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, my name is Randy and on August 6, 2004, in Kern County. I was involved in a car accident. My car was a Ford Festiva, one of the smallest. I was knocked unconscious. The police cited the other driver for making an illegal turn. The other driver just happened to carry Liberty Mutual Insurance.

I chose to represent myself in court. As a driver or a passenger, I have never sued anyone and the procedure was hard to understand. Between the hospital, ambulance, doctor, and physical therapy the bills piled up fast. Liberty Mutual Insurance, to this day, has not paid a single dollar to any of my medical bills that has totaled over $12,000.

For two years, I have answered all of their questions such as work, financial, bills etc. Liberty has constantly dragged their feet and so I decided to take them to court.

In October 2006, Liberty Mutual obtained my medical records illegally by using power of subpoena. Requesting medical records to doctors that I have not even seen, and to hospitals that have not seen me for my accidents. They also have requested my bank records, my credit history, the contents of my safety deposit box, my HIV/Aids status, and my past employers and employees.

My friends, the best way to fight a greedy, sneaky, fraudulent giant like Liberty Mutual is to drop their services or refuse to buy their product. The office that I was dealing with was the office in Ontario, California.

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I work for a personal injury attorney and I can almost guarantee you 100% that some how you gave Liberty Mutual the impression that you or some of your medical providers may have possibly attempted to commit insurance fraud.It is common knowledge in our business that Liberty Mutual is one of the quickest companies to pay unless they have reason to suspect insurance fraud.

Your It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that your refusal to cooperate and provide copies of your medical records has caused Liberty Mutual to suspect that you have something to hide. You would be experiencing this same delay with any company, not just Liberty Mutual. Chances are you are under investigation my friend. Get a life...

better yet- get an attorney instead of trying to pretend you can be one yourself.

Your stupidity brought on this problem and now you continue to act and sound like a fool blaming everyone but yourself.UNREAL!



You need to get an attorney- you can't fight them by yourself. Personal Injury attorneys work on contingency which means you don't pay them a dime unless they win your claim and then they get 331/3% if it settles before it litigates in court or 40% if it goes to court.

They are entitled to your medical records pursuant to your policy since you are claiming damages, without an attorney they can walk all over you. From the looks of it, they are in bad faith which means you can collect even more than your policy cap if you go about it correctly. Therefore, I would strongly urge you to get an attorney now before it is too late. There is also a Civil Remedy Notice of Insurer Violations, which gives the insurance company 60 days to make right on the claim or face additional penalities including damages that can be filed at your states Department of Financial Services. All in all- Please get an attorney and stop allowing them to walk all over you.


You are an ***.It is your responsibility to provide your medical records so that the insurance company can reimuburse you.

You should read your insurance policy.

The fact that you didn't want to provide this information makes your claim seem fraudulent (which it probably is) and that is why they wanted your credit and employment history.You should definitely hire a lawyer next time...

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