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I got hurt a work and back in 2005 I had 20 teeth come out from Taking Oxycontin for 12 yr...these rx pain pills caused my teeth to fall out....LM sent me to a QME that tey picked, I saw the Dr and he reported that Yes the Injury Caused this....So LM paid $125,000 to fix 20 teeth. They paid in 2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2012,and after a New treatment was Needed...LM has NOW said they DON"T have to pay any more...Because they CHANGE THE LAW W/C Law for them...WE PATIENTS are told we have Life Time Medical.....This is a Joke to them that have NO Pain.....SOME Day EVERYONE gets pain...Just remember that.....SO If you want this kind of INS Co running you DOWN, that Please Buy LIBERTY MUTUAL INS an any FORM....YOU are a FOOL..............

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Ivd been on meds for 15plus years now for a gentic bone diease, nerve damage in my legs....my teeth have re ently started chipping in random places..not unsightly or too bad as of now, but sas wondering if my pain meds could be causing it.

to justagirl #962039

Rx Opiates do make teeth damage. Ask any Good DDS they ALL know the science of Rx Opiates and what real side effects causes....one of them is our Teeth....Follow my DDS...He is NOT the only one that believes this way. Rx Opiates cause Damage to Patients teeth as it does our insides....John Prinz.

Topeka, Kansas, United States #922578

Got news for you. No prescription pain pills make your teeth fall out.

Untreated periodontal disease makes teeth fall out.

to Seasoned Dentist California, United States #927794

YOU MUST WORK for Liberty Mutual. I have a Calif Lic DDS that has done the Work on me and All paid for by Ins Co Liberty Mutual.

They sent me to him, a QME than put in many medical reports that SAY you are a Liar. Opiates have cause many to lose their teeth from many yrs of use because of pain control. After 12 yrs of using high levels of Rx Opiates like Oxycontin Does cause this. History shows this, learn the truth and stop SUPPORTING a Co like Liberty Mutual.

And please Look at what Is and will be replacing all Pain Pills made with Opiates....Soon Liberty Mutual will have to Buy me this Medicine called SATIVEX, made by GW Pharma.

This one Drug Co will help Millions to Control Pain without Opiates in this New Medicine SATIVEX. It will cost Liberty Mutual Billions and many other Ins Co....But All Rx Opiate Meds will be replaced by this NEW MEDICINE coming,,,,from GW Pharma.....Epodoilex is a new medicine coming for Kids, without any Opiates in them....


Liberty Mutual has caused many sick Patients that thought they had Ins, but only find out they don't. But when they change the way they pay, only because you need to use Our Ins.

Liberty Mutual only want to take your Money, but when you need them, they don't know why they should pay. Everyone in today's world uses the Internet to find the truth...Please understand the only way a Patient can help Our self is to info everyone of the truth & pain Liberty Mutual has caused me pain. To use Our own Medical records to know how bad we fill and make Our life *** is wrong. Liberty Mutual must do this to everyone that needs to use our Ins.

Who knows about a Medicare Set a Side? Liberty Mutual has caused many Patients to fall for this FALSE settlements to only cause Tax Payers to Pick up the Bills. With a Medicare settlement, If Liberty Mutual can get a patient to take $54,000 and than have Medicare or Tax Payers pay for the future Medical Bills....Who wins? Liberty Mutual....If they can force Patients to take this Deal, who Wins?

LM. Who loses? Tax Payers....& Medicare....This started in 2006 this Medicare set a side.

How many Patients took this crazy Offer? Millions......So if you want a Ins Co like Liberty Mutual and one day call on them, and they tell you sorry, just know I told you, don't be a FOOL.....Get a different Ins Co fast.......


PRINZ>>>>wrote this, 80% of ALL the WORLDS Rx Pain Pills America takes. 80 %.

So how many Patients listen to the American Doctors they see & are treating by? 80 % of the WORLDS Rx Pain Pills are eaten by Americans. How many are Patients?

How many get Medicare in Part D get it pay by tax payers? Patients listen to their Doctors, or Doctor, and Many Patients see more than one KIND of Doctor....Learn the truth before you write LIES and keep the INS CO paid....Liberty Mutual TAKES money from People, and when you become a Patient, they STOP CARING.....Its that easy to see the truth.......


PRINZ Is writing this TRUTH>>>LIBERTY MUTUAL never wanted me to STOP, so I would be on Rx Opiates still or Dead. So when you have Ins & you have an Injury, You go to a American Doctor.

My case is so bad, I had one Dr for Surgeries, ONE for my Pain Management, one for my Teeth, I NEVER have looked for RX's, I have 21 yrs of REAL MEDICAL RECORDS that show this. SO to the PEOPLE that are writting, YOU MUST WORK FOR LIBERTY MUTUAL and WE all know Ins Co care for the Patients RIGHT>>> they care only for MONEY...THE FUNNY thing is ALL my Doctors GET paid BY Liberty Mutual, WHY because THEY ARE REAL....AND Liberty Mutual Paid $70,000 a yr for MY Rx;s Medicine...With NO problems...But after the Opiates cause more Harm, they get others to write, ***....TRY writing TRUTH...I can show other Medical Reports, other than these Pic...My MRI is NOT good to see the truth...WORDS are needed, to show Harm from an Ins Co named Liberty Mutual.....


I took ALL MY RX's UNDER DOCTORS Care....I was NOT to listen to MY Doctors? I am under a TREATING DOCTORS, THREE of THEM...NOT just one, but THREE see me, as to my Injury....So WHO goes to AMERICAN Doctors when you get Injured and NEED Surgeries to Get out of Pain?

I didn't JUST take them for FUN, I took them to Help my REAL INTRACTABLE PAIN....FOR NOW 21 yrs....US PATIENTS in PAIN need some form Of Medicine....So to Judge Me, you only are Judging PAIN. But some day EVERYONE gets PAIN...WHAT WILL YOU TAKE?

Medicine from Doctors? Try walking in my Shoes....STOP supporting the BIG INS CO....They only support the STOCK Market.


to Anonymous #921601

There are a lot of people who judge but just let them be in constant pain, pain that rules your life, that doesn't allow you to sleep, to enjoy activities that you loved, to be the best person you can be, to be a contributing member or society. If some one can judge you with out walking a mile in your shoes to *** with them.

I would love to change my circumstances and walk in their shoes forever. Pain is horrible. I've had needles stuck in my skull, every type of alternative therapies, massage, acupuncture, every preventative medicine you can think of. And also lost most of my teeth, it's no pleasure waking up and spitting out pieces of your teeth, having your tongue and cheeks cut open from the razor sharp broken teeth.

And let's not forget the joy of eating during all this what a pleasure. Oh and I somehow planned to be in horrible pain because I'm masochistic! Not.

If you ever broke a bone, were in labor, dislocated a joint and had an impacted wisdom tooth all at the same time every day all day and night then judge. Until then count yourself very lucky and enjoy your life, while I try to struggle through mine.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #805959

No one should take opioids for 12 years. You need to take some ownership for your own health and stop blaming others.

to Anonymous Pomona Park, Florida, United States #807103

PRINZ wrote this>>>I took them because I was told to under Real Doctors Care...Still am under Care....21 yrs...Next yr it will be 22...So WHAT are you talking about??? Listing to my Doctor is WHAT patients DO...

to Anonymous #955686

Seriously??? 12 years. Many alternatives to taking opiates for that many years.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #793838

Everybody knows that hillbilly heroin should not be taken for twelve years. At least you had a twelve year buzz!

to MikeBrady #793900

NO I HAD REAL PAIN that only Opiates at the time could control...But they caused my teeth to fall out of my head....I have been disabled 21 yrs...12 yrs of Rx Opiates from REAL DOCTORS....I was on 14 different rx drugs....I NOW USE MMJ for Pain...SOON A NEW RX DRUG is coming to America, Its called SATIVEX.....Made by GW Pharma...Soon Cannabis Medicine will replace Rx Opiates....

to Prinz Chantilly, Virginia, United States #793905

No "real" doctor would allow you to be on those for twelve years. You mentioned "Doctors" - plural. Have you been shopping doctors to keep on the meds?

to MikeBrady #807102

Prinz wrote this>>>The same Doctor & Doctors for 21 yrs, all the same place. I have even shown my Federal Senator my Medical Papers & facts showing Liberty Mutual causing me harm.

But who will believe a Patient over an Ins Co? Real medical records & facts....Its that easy....

to MikeBrady #807101

Prinz write this>>>YOU must WORK for Liberty Mutual, OR you just LOVE the Pills Oxycontin. Its that easy....The Support of this shows in your View, LIBERTY MUTUAL Ins Co, you support, DO you own Stocks in Liberty Mutual?

Its all about the MONEY NOT the Ins Caring for its people...So if you work for Liberty Mutual, you have my Medical Records...to know my Doctor & Doctors and what they write in my Medical reports. Do you believe Liberty Mutual would pay for my Meds for 12yrs If I was NOT REAL?

You have NO brain if you think that. But please write more of the crazy way you see It?

to Anonymous #807110

Yah, Mike's the crazy one.

Pomona Park, Florida, United States #793822

Just LOOK at my PIC.....LIBERTY MUTUAL Takes your money each month and than When you need them....It all Stops, Or in some cases it never started....Liberty Mutual has caused many Patients Pain, from DDD...They want Us sick Patients to just Die, this is why they FEED us Poison Pain pills hoping we take to many and die...Or they know your Medical Case so well that LM than put the Stop sign Up, just to see What we patients will do....So I write so I can help someone NOT GET LIBERTY MUTUAL INS any money....THEY TAKE TAKE TAKE, only to say NO MORE INS.....WHATS going On?????

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