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About me:

I have a spotless record, not even a parking ticket.

My Credit reports was great with nothing bad on it. "Till now"

I closed my account with Liberty Mutual, In retaliation they sent a fraudulent bill to collections, deliberately damaging my excellent credit.

I have a contract proving I owed nothing, They say it was for past due.

I have been to Civil Court and the Judge sided against my leagaly binding contract. I have filed an appeal.

In the Magistrate Court I was the only one sworn in, put on the witness stand, and badgered by Liberty Mutuals Attorney.

I didn't get to ask questions and they didn't have to answer any.

I say that is a corupt Judge. The Magistrate says there is no recording of the procedings. Next time I am taking a recorder so it can't happen again.

I have a contract that contradicts the claim they sent to collections. I think that is fraud and should be dealt with by the "Non Corupt" Justice System!

Review about: Liberty Mutual Insurance Claim.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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I have been posting a url in the News Papers asking for donations on leagel fees. It reads: Consumer Protection or Consumer protection Coruption, you decide go to .

Now that people in the comunity know the case the appeals Judge has to be just in his decision.

Now they are willing to meet with me at the Court House to settle befor there found guilty of fraud. Never give up the fight, It will be worth it in the end.

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