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we were rear ended 2 years ago by someone insured by this company my husband and i are the victims of accident still no offer no settlement for serious injuries permanent it is disgraceful and disgusting red light he puts foot on gas pedal we are suffering liberty is doing nothing not their job heard poor things about them now we know why can not work walk pain constant living on pain meds requires very serious surgery for my husband lost total independence have to have others do everything for us not a scratch on him or his car disgusted

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If you have your own insurance, turn it over to them.I had a similar incident where I was not at fault, but the other company refused to do anything.

I turned it over to my insurance company and let them deal with the other. I had to pay my deductible while the argued, but got it back when my company won in arbitration.

If you don't have insurance, you're probably going to need to hire a lawyer.:(

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