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tLib Mutual is crooked/evil. Was 3 mos pregnant visited Red Lobster, gov'mt required property insurance w/ Liberty Mutual. S/F on nasty floor day after Xmas 2004. Miscarry baby w/i 12 hrs/distraught. Harassment/attacks for scare tactics & threats to my life (already unborn baby's life!!!), LM ins sent adjuster to my friend's home & demanded my personal info/esp ph # & less than week later burnt my friend's veh to the ground. Police report as foul play/. What is the point of being business property or any property ins co' if Lib Mut destroys the property? Why aren't they a liability, injury to law? Tactic...paid off my atty's to not represent me. Paid hospitals to not treat life threatening/stabilization treatment...Turned away by a FL hospital (Fed violation of Torture by hospital)was threaten w trespass!. Two days later, I visited a different ER, admitted from ER for turning blue/high blood pressure from severe pain. I served my country w/ others just so Lib Mut & all ins' co's' and ins co attys be above the Law, injure the Law, injure others' rights as a result of injuring the law?

Lib Ins Co' took my home that I owned. I have others more than willing to testify Lib Mut found a way to "steal" their homes & witnesses/evidence to prove statements in court.

I suffered a fractured hip from the incident, addition to, miscarriage. I asked, my former attys to reinstate my case for attys to represent since they threatened me to have a broken bone for the greedy Dr who had no license to be a dr, but a license to be drunk...hmmm, why lost med license? ----Along with 16 other diagnoses. Lib Mut wants me, like my unborn is, dead. If I am dead, they don't hv to pay any med expenses because I paid w my life. Also, along w/ former attys to teach me a lesson that babies shouldn't live, nor anyone in US to follow due process of Law, except Lawyers for atty's rights. That's all ins co's are...attys to find loopholes to not pay claims. Ins Co's violate their own policies of business to be irresponsible but only be responsible to take premiums & be wealthy & powerful to take all person's rights away. Ins Co's are not ins co's anymore, they are banks, the PC word (Political Correct)Financial Products !!! I have so much at stake. Mostly my health in jeopardy! And represent myself, w a concussion!!!??? How arcane! I need Help & fast!

I see an indigent care dr, who said he can't help to a'thing but *** me up instead of getting emergency surgery for hip replacement, TOS scalenectomy surgery for TOS, Knee surgery from ricochet impact, and morphine pump otomy. Suffering for 7 years at Lib Mut's corporate denial. Only Lib Mut, AN INS CO can afford to pay dr's & afford expert medical, not s'one unable to work, unable to get well to go back to work. But pay atty legal liens, court costs, and die from atty's legal abuse malpractice, being a burden to my church/ my friends and myself and my family. Here is the kicker, Lib Mut's defense Ins atty, Mr. Clyde or C. Christoper Killer is controlling this to go to trial w Killer's self gain only to counter sue me (retaliation/scare tactic again!!)to teach me a lesson as a former Internal Communications Op In USN, that citizen follows the Law for Due Process and no one makes Mr. Killer "look" bad. Killer demands that I make citizens that work for minimum wage for me to be injured/sick on welfare!!! & wants to to be taught lesson of that too!!! As if, being injured and loss of my baby wasn't enough severe grief!! Scare tactics, harming friends/family/church friends. Who would want to know me? Killing babies! and I pass out from pain. Fled for my life to Colorado; and here they have Adult abuse services and programs & Lutheran Hospital that doesn't turn people away. I'm tired of Lib Mut's evil, death bootcamp & subsequent poverty Lib Mut caused me for 7 years & still fractured hip, 7 years of crying in pain. Please help, please help, please hear my cry for help. My friends feel helpless to make me well. All $ is the extortion of Lib Mut's Mr. Killer to commute back & forth to FL from CO to see only Lib Mut's/Killer's dr's that Killer pays off. One Dr. Jones (only handful of Bone Cancer dr's)is in trouble w med board & Legal Litigation for Med Malpractice. I am the victim; yet Lib Mut/Killer demands they are the victims & I he criminal. Killer keeps threatening me. This should be Supreme Court material. There seems no Dr's in Colorado for LM/ pay off!!! And only after I move to Colorado. Asked attys to rep my case, all had at least 6 cases involving atty, Clyde or C. Christopher Killer, those clients of my future potential lawyers had to flee for their lives to their family in other states & only then forced to dwell in Orlando, FL. Lib Mut is an insurance co' & ins is a $ scam.

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