After being hurt on the job, I gave my statement to my employer's worker's comp. carrier over the phone.

I reported that my lower back was injured and that I had foot numbness. As the months went by and my diagnosis developed, my doctors thought the foot numbness was being caused by my neck being strained; all part of the initial injury. After Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. found out that my foot numbness was likely coming from my neck, they cancelled my claim.

When I contacted them, they said that I failed to mention that my neck sore at the time of the injury report, so any symptoms related to my neck would not be paid. Lesson learned...when hurt on the job, always say every part of your body is hurt to cover yourself.

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Best be glad this wasnt in SC, even if you were at fault they would still have to cover the claim.

Im dealing with liberty mutual at the moment denied my claim 7 days befor the 150 day period came up where they would have to take it to the workers comp com office. but thats ok dec 13th we will see how far yall laugh when you write me that check for back payments for 4 months


Did it ever occur to Tasha (or anyone else who would defend the scam that is insurance) that when someone is either injured or disabled that they are not likely to be as detailed about every little microscopic fact that may give a "claims adjuster" a reason to deny a claim? Most insurance adjusters define their job requirement as simply finding a way to refuse a claim and anyone who has been through the ringer of this money trap knows this well.

Tasha appears to be either a Liberty Mutual employee or in the insurance racket. In any event the fact that she would assume that this person was negligent and that the insurance company was being fair in this matter (without any knowledge of this case) makes her suspect. Liberty didn't become one of the Fortune 100 by "doing the right thing" (as their advertising suggest).

I put claims adjusters right up there with most lawyers and that is self explanatory. Insurance is a *** game (in most cases) played without morals or conscientiousness.


this is the problem when dealing with workers comp companys thay only want to pay what they hjave to and if dont report everything then they dont pay havent found one yet thats willing to pay on more things


You lose the bet Tasha, I was operating my machine and was hit by a steel beam that another employee drove into me with a forklift. Also, I followed their instructions to the letter.

My neck issue developed as a result of compensating for not being able to stand upright, after the injury. I guess you are not very particular about becoming informed before speaking.

Liberty Mutual laughed at me on the phone and said they are in the business of looking for loopholes to avoid paying. Hope you remember your rush to rescue them in reply to my complaint one day when you are trying to collect on a claim.

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You were not tricked. You just did not follow their procedures and intructions so they can't help you. I bet the reason you got injured was because you were not following safety instructions your company gave you so even if you did follow the insurance company instructions they could not help you since you are at fault for the injury.

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