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Was in a vehicle with a friend who was backed into by an Liberty Mutual Insurance policy holder, they have deemed him 50% at fault and the other driver 50% at fault. His Insurance agent did the correct thing and contacted the witness who was there, and has deemed the Liberty Mutual holder 100% at fault.

Liberty Mutual is still holding onto the 50/50. He received a letter from Liberty Mutual stating that they are taking so long to come to a determination as they are waiting on the "Witness Statement".

I find it comical that "Allstate" made their determination with in a week and contacted the witness when liberty mutual claims they have not heard from the witness. i find liberty mutual a complete JOKE!

Monetary Loss: $1072.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #786850

Liberty Mutual is so far behind in their claims process (6,9,12 and sometimes up to 24 months behind) it isn't even funny. LM hires temporary employees from a temp agency, has those unlicensed employees answer phone calls from customers pretending to be adjustors, when they really aren't.

Those temp employees even have the ability to print up form letters and send them out to customers. Form letters can be sent to any customer anywhere in the country by any unlicensed temp employee in that department.

Customers are sent all kinds of negative letters, stating there policy will be dropped, declining coverage when those unlicensed temp adjustor employees don't really even know what they are doing. This is the company's way of getting "caught up" on there workload.

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