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not the first bad experience with them. Most recent my HR director told me to submit a claim due to a carpet tear out and install that resulted in severe asthma attack and a 10 day hospital stay.

So far every step of the way has had to be filled with complaint from my employer before they act. They have had medical records release for 2 weeks and their response was "it wasn't in my diary to do" The employer admits that the health issues are a direct result of the carpet install. Liberty Mutual is dragging their feet and trying their best to delay the claim. Meanwhile, I am out 10 days of work, and hundreds of dollars and they could care less.

Delay delay delay and maybe they will go away is their policy. Something needs to be done to prevent this.

I am certain my employer pays a pretty penny for their premium. To get them to return a phone call takes an act of GOD.

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As a small business trying to survive in the industry I have to say that they are after every single penny you earn.

Our WC insurace coverage with them has been a nightmare from day one.

From the premium to, audits and horrendous "customer service" I have to say I am almost ready to give up trying.

The worst people to take your calls and how convenient that nobody ever takes notes of our conversations. They say they will call you and never do unless you waste all your time on hold repeated times. Time that I could use selling jobs.

But tops the fact that they still live years back.. way back to tell me they need to call me back when they have the hard file in front of them because they need legitimate paperwork and notes from another department that will take 24 hrs or more. Until then, I guess I just pray that others will speak up and put this people in their place. At home where they will learn to appreciate the job they had thanks to their hard working clients like us.

So unreal! :eek

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