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In January I started a new job where I got a discount using Liberty Mutual. At the end of January we had a very bad blizzard, and while driving to work I hit a large patch of black ice and the truck slid into an irrigation ditch.

I called the insurance company right away and told them what happened. They gave me a rental car, and a week later called me to tell me that my claim was being sent to a "special claims department". At that point my credit had gotten decent enough that I got a loan for enough to pay the truck off. Two weeks later they called again to tell me that my truck was drivable I needed to get it off of the lot that they had taken it to. I informed them that it wasnt drivable, when they were towing it out of the ditch liquid was pouring out of the back axle. They told me ok, we'll leave it there until we can have it looked at.

Two more weeks later and the car rental company calls me to tell me that the insurance company stopped paying for my rental car, that I have to bring it back or they'll report it stolen, and that they billed me $200 for the week that the insurance company didn't pay for it. I called the insurance company and complained, so they paid the $200 but wouldn't extend my rental. I had to use the money that I got to pay off the truck to buy a second vehicle.

Two more months go by without any information from them, I have to call every week to check on any updates. I get the same answer "we're investigating it", essentially, dont call us we'll call you.

After just over three months, they sent me an email saying that they denied my claim because I didnt have enough insurable interest on the vehicle "title wasnt in my name". Not only that, but they call me the Monday after and tell me to come pick up my truck, and to bring a cashiers check or money order for $800... They are charging me a storage fee for the three months that they had it in their lot... This company is the most shady company that I have every dealt with, and believe me, I deal directly with Microsoft...

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Santa Rosa, New Mexico, United States #12802

Called the Dept of Insurance of whichever state you are in and make a formal complaint.

They are the overseeers of insurance companies.

I would jump on this right away. Insurance company did not do their job properly.

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